Twenty years ago, a pioneering team of clinicians and engineers had a vision to use a mechanical heart-assist device as an aid to a patient with a failing heart, and to ascertain if such a heart assist device could serve as a “bridge” for an ailing heart until a transplantable organ became available.

While the team consisted of many diverse disciplines, the lead biomedical engineer was Dr. Harvey Borovetz.  In this interview, Dr. Borovetz provides a retrospective look at the initial days of what has become a relatively routine clinical procedure to support a weakened heart with a ventricular assist device until a heart transplant can be implemented. Dr. Borovetz shares the progress that has been made in the engineering as well as the clinical procedures.

He also provides a glimpse at the future, sharing his vision on the emerging technology development that he is leading to provide equivalent cardiac care for infants and children.

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