Regenerative Medicine Today welcomes Dr. Phil G. Campbell.  Dr. Campbell is a Research Professor, Institute of Complex Engineered Systems, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  Also he has academic appointments in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences, Materials Science and Engineering, and the Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center at CMU.

Dr. Campbell’s research is focused on the development of “tool sets” that will be resources for regenerative medicine research and clinical therapies.  In the podcast he discusses his work on methodologies and systems that will be required for cell expansion on a commercial vs. a research basis, and how his research is addressing those needs.

He also shares some insight into the use of inkjet printing technologies to print tissue engineered constructs using “bio-inks” vs. the traditional inks used in such printers.  These tool sets are proving to be a significant resource in the study of cell growth on tissue engineered constructs.

Finally, Dr. Campbell discusses his strong commitment to science-based education: from elementary students to senior citizens.

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Host John Murphy.

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