As Regenerative Medicine Today celebrates its first anniversary, we welcome back our first guest from December 2005: Dr. Alan Russell, director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

As a pioneer of and expert in regenerative medicine, Dr. Russell is well qualified to comment on the status and future of this fascinating and rapidly emerging field . In this podcast, Dr. Russell addresses:

  • the history of the emergence of regenerative medicine, from over-hyped laboratory results, to failed medical devices, to successful clinical applications;
  • the role of governments in the advancing the state-of- the-art and the clinical use of regenerative medicine technologies;
  • initiatives to assist soldiers (and, ultimately, the civilian population) who have suffered massive loss of tissue due to trauma, and;
  • the status of the professional society that serves the scientists who are developing regenerative medicine technologies.

Hosts Leah Kauffman and John Murphy. Interview by Leah Kauffman.

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