Dr. Stephen Badylak revisits Regenerative Medicine Today to share updates on his exciting studies on tissue engineering.  In February 2006, in Podcast #3 described his use of tissue engineering materials that helps heal skin wounds, torn tendons, injured rotator cuffs, hiatal hernias, and other soft tissue. In that podcast, Dr. Badylak recounted how he first discovered SIS (or small intestinal submucosa), the world-wide effort that helped to usher SIS from the lab to clinical use, and how the material works.

Today, Dr. Badylak describes the work of his lab and collaboration with other colleagues to use tissue engineering to:

  • Regenerate a diseased or damaged esophagus, and
  • Technology that may lead to the regeneration of damaged or severed digits or limbs

Dr. Badylak is a professor at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh. For more information about Dr. Badylak, please click here.

Host John Murphy.

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