Dr. Bruno Peault visits Regenerative Medicine Today and discusses the status of his emerging results on the identification, characterization and application of adult stem cells for therapeutic applications.

Dr. Bruno Peault and his colleague, Dr. Johnny Huard, provide the leadership for the Stem Cell Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Center focuses on expanding the possibilities of tissue engineering by unlocking the potential of gene therapy and adult stem cell research and transferring research findings into the development of effective treatments for damaged or diseased tissues.

In this podcast, Dr. Peault highlights some of the promising initiatives emerging from his laboratories and explores the future in cell-based therapies. One of the topics addressed in the interview is that the Peault Lab has identified that adult human adipose tissue is an accessible source of perivascular cells. These cells exhibit multilineage potential; these results suggest that the adipose tissue-derived pericyte is an attractive candidate for cell-based therapy of muscle diseases, and also indicates the likely vascular origin of the elusive fat-derived stem cells.

Host John Murphy.

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